Ghost Signs

These painted wall signs can be found in cities that were created in the late 1800s.

By the late 20th century some of the signs remained and became known as ghost signs.

They contain faded and peeling paint, often revealing a pentimento effect, one image showing through another.

The lead paints and other chemicals used to create the signs, durable yet toxic, exposed the sign painters, who were often called wall dogs, to an environmental hazards at the same time as they made art that seemed to last forever. vintage photos


If you're interested in these from the UK then visit my Ghostsigns blog.
write signer said…
I love your blog! These articles about retro signs are very interesting and make me feel a little bit nostaligiC. Nowadays it's very hard to find those kind of 'last forever signs' on our urban environment. Lightboxes and architectural signs have replaced them. It's not the same art but it's the art of our time!
Chris Stokes said…
Awesome photos. Love the classic look of old signage and advertisements.

Chris Stokes
Betty Pauwels said…
How did I miss your sign blog? I love your displays of signs and background history.

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