Monday, April 29, 2013

Pot Leaf in Neon--Is Marijuana Signage Increasing?

Pot leaf in neon   Photo by Matthew Bamberg
Well, then. Here's a pot leaf. Creating and displaying a marijuana neon sign is not illegal in most places. Most of the time it's an irony when you see one because it's usually displayed in places where pot isn't sold (hemp-made items are a possibility)--like head shops that sell the paraphernalia, but not the weed.

In my town the marijuana dispensaries wouldn't dare display something like this outside their business (I live in Palm Springs, CA) because it would attract too much attention. The only evidence of there being a business that deals in medical marijuana is a storefront with nothing on it or some innocuous sign with the word "organic" written on it.

Since I don't live in Colorado or Washington state, I have no idea about what's happening the marijuana signage. Since it's legal there, perhaps pot shops don't have to be shy about saying what they are.

In some places in California (like the Coachella Valley where Palm Springs is located) there are far too many people who would object to these signs for them to be put up in front of pot shops. But that still doesn't mean that they're not used in other types of shops. They're also popular in stores that sell clothes that's made of hemp.

Guess I have to take a trip to Boulder, Colorado to see what's happening with signage advertising marijuana.


Rosa-Channel Letter said...

I understand that advertising today has become an extremely important in order to sell any product. No matter that marijuana is approved or not, is public, so I see nothing wrong with stores that sell it lawfully entering can use their image as advertising.

Rosa-Channel Letter said...

I understand that this is a very controversial topic, because marijuana is itself sometimes adopted by society and sometimes not, depending on the type of society. But advertising today is very comprehensive and I think that at least in the cities where it is allowed to use it, the blade can be used for advertising.

Anonymous said...

There is no shyness in CO about the business. Even real estate management companies advertise their properties as 'Zoned for MMJ'.

It's a strange new world. I'll take some pics.