Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wise Framing Decisions--The Essence of Fine Art Photography

Photographic prints are wonderful when framed, as are lithographs, paintings and digital art. When framing an image of a sign, I take great care to match the picture frame and have found some perfect custom picture frames online, frames that make the sign images I put in them pop out.

I get the images to look their best, appearing multidimensional with some picture framing basics, the most important being selecting light colored frame and mat for my images. Also, I always insist on glass, as that is what makes the image look the part--classy vintage art.

Keeping in mind that frame and mat are at the top of the list when it comes to selling art, I have made a careful decision in how the is looks framed. An outstanding effect takes place when I use chevron-colored frames with the best quality white rag mats, stunning additions that enhance the colors of my sign images.

In order for my image to fit snugly into the frame, I have to measure it correctly, remembering to measure the inside-of-the-frame dimensions then input the measurements into a framing calculator. When I get my frames delivered, I can get them out to the venders who sell my work. The process is a piece of cake once the frames are delivered.

Beautiful art work requires that I put in the time making the right design decisions. Just as my photographs need to be compelling and sharp--my framing has to meticulously planned.

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