Tuesday, December 18, 2012

China Old Plastic Sign in Market

This old plastic sign in a China Market outdoors at night is a classic. I have no idea when this sign was built, but know for a fact that it was decades ago.

You can tell by its wear and tear, not to mention a view of the Chinese that could be a bit stereotypical, or not politically correct. Just as a word common in the mid-twentieth century--oriental or orient--is now taboo, many other stereotypes of Asians were common back then. 

Hmm...stereotypes of the Chinese by the Chinese...evidently so. These "China dolls" are typical the submissive and obedient caricatures that were common in the what-could-be-considered the Golden Age of Stereotypes in America.   

That word isn't used anymore, replacing it is the word Asian. Apparently the former denotes an "otherness" that to some is offensive.

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