Monday, June 11, 2007

Grand Piano Sign

Don't Mess with the U.S.A.

Heavy Metal--1925


This theater was built in 1919.


Acme Beauty School

I wonder if this sign is based on the Acme used in the Road Runner cartoons?

M & M Night

Butte Montana's Landmark

Early Century YMCA

Empire Deco Design

Louis S. Cohn, 1901

In the early twentieth century, buildings were named and dated with the year they were erected. Louis S. Cohn owned a cigar and tabacco company.

Lewis and Clark


Stockman's--Western Theme

Rainbow Trout

Had to shoot this one from a pit, grass reaching up to my chest.

Montana Night Neon

Parkway Motel, Billings

Deco Acoma

Butte, Montana

Ranch House Motel--a Classic


Jesus Neon

Monte Carlo

Sure, Monte Carlo's in Europe, but the Roaring 20s era sign is in Billings, Montana.

Town House

Classic Mid-Century Modern Script

Guitar Sign

Play the guitar.

Not-the-Car Thunderbird

Missoula, Montana

Montana's Western Wheel


Montana Rocks

1145 Club, Billings